“I’ll never
forget Molly.
And I’ll never
forget what
Angel’s Rest
did to help me
honor her.”
“Bootsie was a such
a wonderful part of my
son’s childhood.
Angel’s Rest
helped our
family preserve
those special memories
when her life ended.”
“Jiggs brought
our family, and
especially our
daughter, so much
pleasure. I’m so
glad we were able to
remember his life
in this way.”
“Duke was a tower
of strength in my
life. Angel’s Rest
helped me be
strong when it
was time to say
goodbye to him.”
“Fluffy was our
princess. Angel's
Rest helped us
honor her in a
way that made
us all feel we
were doing
right by her.”
Owned and operated by dedicated pet lovers, Angel’s Rest offers pet cremation and funeral services that help those who have lost a pet preserve and honor their memories with caring, dignity and respect.